Greetings! My name is Im Byeong-moon, and I am the CEO of FI Networks.
FIN stands for FUTURE INNOVATION NETWORKSand it aspires to become a leading company at the forefront of the 4th industrial revolution.

With customized consulting and client satisfaction services aimed at creating future value, FI Networks hopes to grow together with you as a trusted partner.

In order to respond to today’s rapidly changing environment and to set the most effective direction for your company,
FI Networks offers BUSINESS CONSULTING in logistics as well as LOGISTIC BUSINESS MANAGEMENT services to help establish and implement optimized logistics plans.
Moreover, FI Networks is diversifying our business by supplying high-quality PIPING MATERIALS sourced domestically and internationally at competitive prices.

FI Networks will lead the way in terms of transparent management based on "trust,” the best value a company can pursue with regards to management.
It promises to provide the best quality and service as a company constantly striving to attain its ultimate VISION.

Moving forward, FI Networks will do its very best to help your company create a bright future with FI Networks.
Thank you.

CEOIm Byeong-moon